The Esoterrorists Worldbreaker

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    The Tearing of the Veil Is Nigh. For decades, the Ordo Veritatis has fought the occult operations of the Esoterrorists, occult operatives bent on ripping apart the membrane between our reality and the demonic vortex of the Outer Dark. Now, what was a threat has become an imminent danger. A barbaric ritual in an underground club touches off a series of coordinated assaults designed to break our world forever. In this world-spanning campaign of interlocking scenarios, your agents conduct the high-stakes investigations required to stop them. After a gore-spattered prologue, Worldbreaker gives your players the choice of four harrowing scenarios they can tackle in any order. Put together the pieces leading to the climactic intervention against the Conspiracy's mastermind and the mightiest, most destructive Outer Dark Entity to ever squeeze through a hole between realms. All adventures written by Robin D. Laws, creator of GUMSHOE and the Esoterror setting. Can you keep the world unbroken? And how many agents will you lose along the way?

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