About Us

Pandemonium Books and Games has resided in Boston for over 30 years. Our community is for anyone interested in enriching their life through play, literature, and imaginative storytelling. We have the largest event space of its kind in the Boston area, where we strive to create a comfortable and welcoming place for folks of all ages and identities.

4 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, MA 02139
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Our Team

Tyler Stewart
He's married to his fantastic, lovely and intelligent wife Karyn who actually runs the show (who absolutely did not write this blurb). He reads a lot. He doesn't game nearly often enough. Contact him anytime.
John Beresford
General Manager
Class: General Manager, Level 19, Historian, Level 7, Race: Store Troll
Contact him for for questions about non-Magic games, and special orders.
Eddie Borges
Magic Buyer
He was once an aspiring actor, and now a full-time website refresher.
Contact him about selling your collection.

Connor Hogue-Rodley
Database and Webstore
Connor makes a lot of our behind the scenes work happen! Connor is also who will help you out with TCG collection sales when Eddie isn't available.
Tristan Patino
Events Manager
He runs our tournaments, and manages the basement and the gamers who inhabit it. Contact him for room rentals, and questions about events.
Eleanor Papetti
Operations and Marketing
Outside the store, you'll find her playing lots of video games and reading manga. If you get her talking about her Final Fantasy XIV character and MMORPGs she might not shut up! Contact her for questions about our games and RPG inventory, special orders and sales.
Zoe Jackson
Dice and Miscellania
Endorsed by Chaosium Inc. and an award winning GM, Zoe will talk of 7th Sea endlessly. A Jenny of most trades and a wood witch in a previous incarnation, they now dabble in all dice related ventures and continue their facade as three crows in a hoodie collecting cool and shiny things. Email them for all your dice goblin needs.
Ben Doane
Wargames & Shipping Manager
Ben manages Games Workshop miniatures, Star Wars X-Wing & Armada, as well as gaming accessories. In their spare time you can catch them sculpting massive pug armies and illustrating comics and RPGs. Contact them for your wargame and miniatures needs, or if you have a shipping question!
Andrew Prentice
Books Manager
Contact him for questions about book events, selling used books, special orders, and just to talk about books!


We're less than a block from the Central Square T stop, located on the Red Line.
Driving? You can find metered street parking all around Central Square, including directly in front of Pandemonium on Pleasant Street. There are also some metered lots nearby.