Terms & Conditions

Do I Have Store Credit On My Account?  How Can I Use My Store Credit?

If you have gotten store credit since June 2021, it should be on your account.  To access it, go to the Register dropdown menu and input your data there.  If the store credit is from event prizing, please make sure you are using the email you used to sign up for the event in the first place.

Thereafter, when you Login, there will be a black "My Store Credit" tab on the right side edge of the screen.  Click that to see your total.  

In the cart, there is a line just above the subtotal: "Enter the amount you want to use:"   Input the credit to be used there.  You can also always use credit in the store at the counter!


How Can I Get A Paper Gift Certificate To Mail To My Friend / Family Member / Mob Boss?

Short answer: you cannot!  Sadly, gift cards / certificates can only be bought and redeemed online.  When you buy a gift card, the system will email you a virtual gift card, which you can forward to the giftee.  To create a paper card, you can buy a greeting card and copy the gift card code onto it.  The giftee can then use the code to redeem the credit.

While you cannot redeem a gift card at the counter in the store, you can buy the items at the kiosk we have in the store.  It's a clumsy work-around, but it works.


How Much Is Shipping?

Curbside pickup is FREE!

Shipping for MTG Singles (.07oz - 7oz) is $0.99 to anywhere in the US.

For everything else:

  • Massachusetts and Rhode Island is a flat rate of $4.99
  • The rest of the eastern US is $9.99.
  • Western US is $14.99.
  • Hawaii and Alaska is $20.00

Shipping to military bases is $4.99, please follow all addressing regulations and send us any required forms.

There is no international shipping. Sorry!


I Placed An Order.  Where is It?

You will find the most updated information about your order status by logging in to your account and looking at the tracking information under My Orders

Also, double-check that you selected the "Ship" delivery method, and not "Pick-up".  If you did select "Pick-up", you will need to pay the postage (see How Much Is Shipping? above). 


Tracking Says “Delivered” but Package Not Received

Check to see that you had your order shipped to your current address. Every order receives a confirmation email with the shipping address you entered when you placed your order. Please check this email to ensure that the address is correct. 

Occasionally a carrier will scan a package as delivered before it arrives at the final destination. When this happens, the package is usually delivered within a few business days. 

If you’ve waited a couple days and the package has still not arrived:

See if anyone else accepted delivery. Check with household members, neighbors, building managers, the front desk, and anyone else who might possibly have picked up your mail within the past few days. 

Look for a notice of attempted delivery. Occasionally the post office will leave a note indicating that they attempted to deliver your package, but since you were not home they were unable to deliver it. These notes will often be left in your mailbox or on your door. Please follow the instructions on the notice to recover your package. 

Contact the carrier. If your order was shipped via the post office, talk to your mail carrier or visit your local post office to request additional information. Remember to have your tracking number handy so they can look up your order in their system.

If you’ve gone through these steps and your package has still not been delivered, please contact us for assistance. 


No Tracking Information Available

There are a few circumstances in which tracking might not be available for your package:

Your order was recently shipped. If your order was placed within the past day or two, the tracking number might not yet have begun to update in either the USPS or UPS systems. Please check back in a day or two to see if the tracking number has begun to update.   

Your order contains preorder items. If you’ve placed an order that contains any items that are not yet released, such as an upcoming Magic set, your entire order will not ship until all items are released. Please check again two or three days after the release to see if your order status has begun to update. 


Tracking Information Not Changing

If the estimated delivery date for your package has passed and your tracking information hasn’t recently updated, please allow an additional day or two for the package to be delivered. Usually packages, even when delayed, will arrive within a few days of the estimated delivery date. 

If you've waited a few days and the tracking information has still not updated:

Contact the carrier. If you had your order shipped via the post office, talk to your mail carrier or visit your local post office to request any additional information they might have on your order status. Remember to have your tracking or delivery confirmation number handy so they can look up your order in their system.


 Changing an Website Order

We realize that occasionally you will want to change an order before shipment. We try to ship all orders within one (1) business day so this will not always be possible, but we try to accommodate all requests or to work out alternate solutions. 


How do I remove items from an order?

If you would like to remove an item from an order, please contact us and we will attempt to revise your order before shipment. In order to expedite this process we ask that you provide us the exact details of the item(s) you wish to remove (Product Name and Quantity, plus the Set Name and Condition if the product is a Magic single). If we are unable to do so, you will still be able to return the item for a full refund.


How do I add items to an order?

If you would like to add an item to an order, please place a second order selecting the shipping method you would prefer your order ship out via in the event we are unable to combine it. After placing your second order, please contact us and ask for the orders to be combined. If we are able to combine your orders and ship them together, we will refund the second shipping cost. If we are unable to combine them, we will ship the second order out separately.  


How do I change the shipping address on an order?

If you would like to change the shipping address of your order, please contact us and let us know the new address. If we are unable to change the address before the package ships, we will work to assist you in recovering the package. However, Pandemonium Books & Games bears no responsibility for any packages damaged or lost in transit as a result of an incorrectly submitted shipping address.