The Wizard of Eventide (Goddess War, 3) [Skovron, Jon]

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    In the thrilling conclusion to Jon Skovron's epic fantasy trilogy that began with The Ranger of Marzanna, allies and enemies alike must band together to defeat an evil on a scale never before seen--and this time, the Gods are on the battlefield.


    As Vittorio's empire enacts its bloody reign, the Uaine now behind him after a stunning betrayal, a reunited Sonya and Sebastian must embark on a journey to distant lands to amend past wrongs--and find unlikely allies along the way.


    In far Raiz, Jorge has his hands full enough with the devastation the Empire left behind . But the battle isn't over, and the sovereignty of his nation will depend on his ability to band together the ancient houses--and recruiting a figure straight out of legend.


    Galina, now Queen of Izmoroz, rules her land with an iron fist in a velvet glove. But heavy is the crown, and enemies lie in wait both within and without her dominion. To realize her vision for a free Izmoroz at last, she'll have to fight with much more than politics.
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