The Girl Who Builds Monsters [Freeman, Brian James]

The Girl Who Builds Monsters [Freeman, Brian James]

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    Emma is quiet, and often lonely, because the birthmark on her face scares the other kids in town. She lives with her kindly grandfather, who owns a factory where he works all day long creating the most beautiful dolls in the world.

    One day while exploring the factory, Emma discovers a forgotten workbench and some wooden crates. Inside the crates are broken pieces of machinery and rejected doll parts, which Emma begins to assemble into dolls of her own design. They are very different from the dolls her grandfather makes.

    Emma loves her dolls, but little does she know how much they love her back. And when two burglars sneak into the cottage where Emma and her grandfather are fast asleep, the new monster dolls will prove exactly how special they really are...

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