The Blue, Beautiful World [Lord, Karen]

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    On a post-apocalyptic Earth devastated by climate change, the Global Government Project has begun to train a group of young diplomatic representatives in a simulation for First Contact between Earth and extraterrestrials. When the simulation turns true and the concept becomes no longer a hypothetical, but an impending reality, it will change life as they know it.

    Kanoa, a representative from the Pacific, must ponder the manner of his father's death, and whether there might also be non-human intelligence in the depths of Earth's oceans. Meanwhile, Owen, a rock star who once toured the world for his concerts, has a near-superhuman ability to sway both crowds and individuals. Though global stardom has taken a toll on him, he has used his influence to invest in projects that prime him to be one of the foremost figures in this new world.

    As the idea of a new galactic civilization sets in, these two and many others must consider how they will navigate this new and strange existence, and what it will mean for the future of the Earth.
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