The Bloody Throne (Hostage of Empire, 3) [Emmett, S C]

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    A richly detailed epic of ambition, honor, and sacrifice, The Bloody Throne is the masterful conclusion to Hostage of Empire, a medieval East Asia-inspired epic fantasy trilogy.

    The great Zhaon empire is in turmoil. The emperor is dead, and the crown prince has fallen to hidden schemes, leaving the most dangerous prince next in line to assume the throne.


    As the imperial court growing increasingly treacherous, Komor Yala finds a safe path through marriage to the cunning Third Prince even while her heart cries out for the general who captured it. But, while shelter has been found, unrest is sweeping across Zhaon.


    The once vanquished kingdom of Khir marches again to regain their honor, the savage Tabrak raid the borders aiming for the empire's heart, and assassins lurk in the shadows seeking to put their favored prince on the throne.


    The wheels of destiny are turning, and all will be caught under its weight.
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