Tales from the Outerverse [Mignola, Mike  & Golden, Christopher]

Tales from the Outerverse [Mignola, Mike & Golden, Christopher]

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    From the world of Baltimore and Joe Golem: Occult Detective, a new immersion into the mysteries of the Outerverse!


    Mythical hero Cojacaru the Skinner returns from the grave, the legendary Golem awakens, and the powerful Wyrder Imogen pursues her foes in this stunning collection of stories from Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden's world of witches and warriors. Delve deep into the mysteries of some of the greatest heroes to challenge the Outer Dark, and gain a rare glimpse into why they fight-and where it may lead them.


    Award-winning writers Mignola and Golden are joined by veteran Outerverse artist Peter Bergting ( Joe Golem) and colorist Michelle Madsen ( Joe GolemThe Crimson Lotus) in this collection of hair-raising stories.


    Collects Cojacaru the Skinner #1-#2, The Golem Walks Among Us! #1-#2, & Imogen of the Wyrding Way one-shot.
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