Swords Edge Roleplaying Game

Swords Edge Roleplaying Game

  • Description

    Did you want to play a showdown at high noon? A fight with the cardinal's guards? Did you want to protect the Systems Alliance from an alien horde, or hunt down the goblins that attacked a village of innocent peasants? You can do all this and more with  Sword's Edge.

    Sword's Edge  is a streamlined role-playing game that allows you to simulate a variety of genres with a focus on characters and stories. Its simple mechanics allow for quick resolution but also quick preparation. From the designer of  Nefertiti Overdrive,  Centurion, and  Sword Noir, this is a game that gives you a robust framework on which to play and then gets out of your way.

    You can find more information at the  Sword's Edge Publishing website.

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