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    STRINGS is designed for use in roleplaying games where death is a strong possibility for characters and where a potential return from the brink of death is a given.

    The basic idea of Strings stems from the fallibility of memory. It is also intentionally designed to bring more weight to death in your games. In many games, death is a condition and inconvenience.

    Because these are roleplaying games, death can also pull players out of the fiction of the game. An adventuring party that has been together for two years of real time, deep in a dark, sinister dungeon, loses a member, and as luck would have it, another character just happens to show up and join the party.

    None of this is to say that Strings should remove the possibility of death from a game, but perhaps, it will give gaming groups a different perspective on death and, consequently, life. This focus on life will present itself as an interesting and complicated roleplaying opportunity for the characters.

    What is the String you hold onto at the precipice of death?
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