Shadows of Esteren 0 Prologue

Shadows of Esteren 0 Prologue

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    Prologue will be your first journey into the universe of Shadows of Esteren's role-playing game, and will prepare you for the first episode of the official campaign.  
    You will find:


    . An Introduction to the Universe.  Familiarize yourself with the main concepts of the game, as well as with a general presentation of the universe.

    . A Summary of the Game System.  All the necessary elements to grasp Shadows of Esteren's system and play your first scenarios.

    . Six Template Characters.  Illustrated and ready-to-play characters: Yldiane the Varigal, Arven the fighter, Ean the fugitive, Liam the scholar, M ²r the Ionnthen, and Urvan the Blade Knight.

    . Three Scenarios.  The triptych Omens offers three scenarios, which are very different, and yet linked by a single red thread. They are meant for players and leaders of all levels.


    . Poison:  An ideal scenario to discover Esteren and take your first steps in role-playing. The village of Melwan is threatened by a poisoning. Will you be able to discover its source and how to stop it?

    . Loch Varn:  Dive into the confines of nightmare in an elaborate scenario with original narrative concepts and discover the secrets of Loch Varn's vale.

    . Red Fall:  A dead man and a missing woman. Lead an investigation in Dearg and experience an initial overview of the vale in which the first episode of the official campaign will be set.



    ALSO INCLUDES:  Games aids and clues for the scenario Loch Varn, Abridged character sheets, Book 0 Prologue Player's Guide and a catalog including a FAQ.

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