Terrible Beauty

Shadow of the Demon Lord Terrible Beauty

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    All across Urth stand doorways to hidden places. These are the realms of the faerie, entire worlds of magic and wonder, fear and horror. No friends to mortals, the faeries abandoned Urth long ago, leaving their homelands to humankind to do with as it wished. Now, with the Demon Lord's shadow casting a pall across the land, the faeries have begun to return from their self-imposed exile, to join the fight against the darkness and purge the world of the evil that grips it.  Terrible Beauty  presents tools for players and Game Masters to introduce faerie stories, mechanics, and themes into  Shadow of the Demon Lord  campaigns. Inside, you'll find:

    • The elf, hobgoblin, and pixie ancestries.
    • An assortment of new paths such as the Avowed expert path and the eternal guardian and troll hunter master paths.
    • The Fey tradition, and new spells for existing traditions.
    • Overviews of several sample faerie kingdoms.
    • New relics such as the  Vorpal Sword  and a new enchanted object table.
    • New creatures ranging from the fair nymph to the foul jabberwock.
    • A complete adventure for expert characters.

    Terrible Beauty  opens new doors to adventure and horror in a dying world, and the options presented here will leave your game forever changed!

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