Rookwood Roots

Rookwood Roots

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    A collection of playable scenarios for The Curse of the House of Rookwood. Includes 16 scenarios, as well as new Skeletons and Curses you can use in any setting. Each scenario reimagines the Rookwood family in a new time, place, culture, or genre from a host of contributing writers. Explore new dimensions of cursed family drama in 1960s Hong Kong or turn of the century Bengal; create a family of cats or orphaned superheroes; form a found-family of night school misfits or kid detectives!

    Scenarios include:

    • The Lodge on the Peak by Banana Chan (Jiangshi, Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
    • By The Serpent's Moon by Pamela Punzalan (#RPGSEA, Gun & Slinger)
    • The House in Hell's Canyon by Sen-Foong Lim (Jiangshi, Avatar Legends)
    • Shisham Kandaan by Mariam Ahmad (Lost Omens: The Mwangi Expanse for Pathfinder 2E)
    • Gold in the Shadow by Guilherme Gontijo (Into the Bronze, The City Where The Colors)
    • Rookwood Collective by Eli Eaton (Behind the Masc, 200 Word RPG 2018 Omnibus)
    • Blood & Wisteria by Doug Levandowski (Kids On Bikes, Kids on Brooms)
    • The Cat Castle by Stentor Danielson (Laser Kittens)
    • Keeping Watch by Luke Muench (Kids on Brooms: Duel of Wands)
    • Ashes of the Dead by Nicholas A. Malinowski (Kids on Bikes contributor)
    • Bound by Blood by Sharang Biswas (Avatar Legends, Honey & Hot Wax)
    • Inherit the Wind by Wil Peregrine (writer, critic)
    • Science Heroes by Michael Addison (The Curse of the House of Rookwood)
    • Night School by Brian Bình (The Curse of the House of Rookwood, Three Bones)
    • Junior Detectives by Jonathan Gilmour (Kids on Bikes)
    • Children of the Vent by Whitney Delaglio (Prism)

    Requires The Curse of the House of Rookwood to play.

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