Romance Trilogy

Romance Trilogy

  • Description

    2017 Nominee for  The Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming.

    A compendium of ground-breaking, romance themed role playing games. Revised versions of Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon and Under my Skin in one volume. Plus over 30 new hacks and rules variants of the games.

    About the Games:

    Breaking the Ice, see if two characters fall in love and stay together after their first three dates together.

    Shooting the Moon, a love triangle where two Suitors vie for the love of a shared Beloved. Play this game in your favorite genre or setting, and collaboratively create characters and a story of love and loss set there.

    Under my Skin, award winning freeform live action role playing game about a circle of friends who start falling in love with all the wrong people.

    Rules light, story-focused systems, ranging in tone from light comedy to serious to tragic. Tabletop and freeform larp games included. Accommodates from 1 to 10 mature players. Good introductory games. Require minimal prep.

    Sample Hacks & Mods

    • SUN AND MOON, a creation myth game inspired by Breaking the Ice
    • SLASHING THE VEIL, "shipping" your favorite characters in the manner of fanfiction (inspired by Alexander Newman and Phredd Groves)
    • STORY GAMES SEATTLE CUSTOM BLEND, a modified rules-set based on a community of play's philosophies and insights
    • VERSUS NATURE, a non-romantic hack where Seekers compete to master the elements, adds four new roles to Shooting the Moon
    • ERE CAMLANN, the classics loves and losses of Arthurian legend with a progressive spin
    • NIGHT & DAY, a sequel game to Under my Skin, exploring how lives transform in the wake of romantic upheaval and change

    "Emily Care Boss designs beautiful games about the most important thing in the world: love. Her games are so strong, so obviously right, so elegant and well crafted, that you forget how important they are in the joy of playing them." Kenneth Hite, Designer of NIGHT'S BLACK AGENTS

    I played a game of  Breaking the Ice  on my honeymoon! It's a really fun game and great for both experienced role-players and non-gamers. Kat Jones, Designer of REVIVED and SLAYER CAKE

    Shooting the Moon's  wonderful focus on the unstable triangle of two competing suitors and one occasionally bewildered but always beguiling beloved is a perfect recipe for excitement and romance. You can confidently plunge into Jane Austen or dinosaur wrestling, and Shooting the Moon will deliver every time. Jason Morningstar, Designer of FIASCO and NIGHT WITCHES

    About Under my Skin: This was my first chance to try a Jeepform game, and I was incredibly impressed with the variety of gaming techniques available. This is a game that truly got under my skin and affected me deeply and passionately. Willow Palacek, Designer of AWESOME ADVENTURES and ESCAPE FROM TENTACLE CITY

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