Raging Storm (The Legends of the lfar, 4) [Heitz, Markus]

Raging Storm (The Legends of the lfar, 4) [Heitz, Markus]

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    The Hidden Land lies broken. In the terrible battle to save the home of the dwarfs, elves and humans, many sacrifices were made by great heroes, and at the last the ¤lfar were defeated. Aiphat ²n, the son of the indelible and erstwhile Emperor of the „lfar, has sworn that his race will never again pose such a dire threat to the world; he is determined to seek out and destroy the last of his own people.

    But there may be a greater enemy to face: an enigmatic mage with powerful magic at her fingertips is threatening the entire country.

    Suddenly the Hidden Land's greatest enemy has become its only hope . . .

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