Porphyra Heroes of the Advent Imperiax

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    Come, if you dare, to the Advent Imperiax! Play as dhosari, erkunae, femanx, half-orc, human, or squole! Visit the amazing alien cities of Myxhadriax the Supreme, Yhadri-Fhas the Technological Wonder, and Yhadri-Izhaaf the Decadent! Train as a faceless agent, LostHome Outrider, or Order of the Imperiax, machine spirit shaman, metaphysical rogue, questioner, primeval rager, or sworn guardian. Marvel over a dozen new herbal remedies, drugs, and poisons. Select from even more psionic powers, alien weaponry of the femanx, and a bewildering array of special technological armor, weapons, gear, and powerful vehicles! There are adventurer tools for everyone in the Advent Imperiax, if you`re willing to risk it all.

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