Paint Now! Miniature Painting Kit (age 14+) - Dragons

Paint Now! Miniature Painting Kit (age 14+) - Dragons

  • Description

    Everything you need to start off a new hobby, or just have a great paint night!

    Kit includes:

    1 XL primed "Young Dragon" WizKids Miniature (value $14.99) * 

    1  small pre-primed WizKids "Dragon Wyrmling" Miniature (value $4.99)* 

    1 D&D Nolzur's Adventurer's paint set [TAP75001], which includes:

    • 9 highly pigmented Army Painter Acrylic Miniatures full size Paints 
    • 1 Basing-Size Miniatures Paint Brush
    • Painting Instructions

    1 small packet of "Green Stuff" sculpting epoxy putty with directions (age 14+ only)

    1 Brown Cardboard Box for storage (while supplies last.)

    Over $45 in value!

    Plan to paint with the whole family? Pick up additional  unpainted Dragon minis here, and more paint brushes here.

    Please use this product under supervision and check the products for their appropriate age ratings. Thank-you!


    *Note: the type of Dragon miniatures will vary depending on availability and may not match the picture.  

  • Delivery

    Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99. We can only serve the continental US.