New Paths Compendium

New Paths Compendium

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    Where better to begin your journey than character creation? This first step is where you forge your identity, and decide how your new hero will meet the challenges of dark magic and fierce monsters: with blade, spell or the power of the gods.

    The  New Paths Compendium  gives you a dazzling variety of new options to create your new favorite PC. You'll find 7 new and expanded classes from level 1 through 20 plus enough new feats, spells, archetypes, and resources to build and play a character that you'll be describing to other gamers (and confused baristas) for years to come.

    The  New Paths Compendium includes:

    •  28 new archetypes  for monks, ninjas, gunslingers, barbarians, fighters, clerics, and 7 Compendium classes
    •  7 tracking sheets  for animal companions, favored enemies, prepared spells, summoned monsters and more
    •  20 new spells  for druids, rangers, shaman, and more
    •  Almost  100 new feats  for new and existing classes

    The 7 Compendium classes each bring something new to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game:

    • The  spell-less ranger, a skilled warrior of the wilderness
    • The  shaman, with otherworldly new abilities and an animal spirit guide
    • The  battle scion, a master of sword and spell
    • The  white necromancer, wielding death magic for the side of Good
    • The  elven archer, deadly ranged fighter capable of astonishing feats of marksmanship
    • The  savant, master of all trades (if only for an instant)
    • The all-new  theurge  class, combining arcane and divine power!

    There's a big world of adventure and peril out there make a hero that it won't soon forget!

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