More Whispering Homunculus

More Whispering Homunculus

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    More Oddities and Disturbing Bits of Whimsy Ahead!

    Master Richard Pett takes us on a tour of the bizarre, the curious, and the strange in  More Whispering Homunculus. Within you'll find a multitude of weird charts that provide you with strange timepieces, unusual locations for overnight camping, extraordinary pets-among so many other things! As smattering sample of topics for your perusal, master:

    • Fifty Treasures of the Pharaohs
    • One Hundred Strange Pets
    • A Short Summary of the Fine Art of the Recurring Villain
    • A New Birth&emdash;Improving Your Worthless Menial
    • A Salt and a Seasoning of d12 Charts

    Additionally, Wolfgang Baur and Miranda Horner grant you a look at explosions and supernatural activity, respectively. And finally, you'll venture into the world of the Master with an adventure that allows players to portray hapless homunculi who seek a position. Whether you need a nugget of outlandish inspiration for your game or wish to run an odd little adventure,  More Whispering Homunculus  delivers!

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