Wheel of Judgment

L5R RPG: Wheel of Judgment

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    In the underworld of Meido, the souls of the dead await their judgement and reincarnation. The Fortune of Death, Emma-O, and his demonic servants toil ceaselessly to ensure the wheels of the karmic cycle proceed in an orderly fashion, but all is not well in the Realm of Waiting. Selfish demons threaten the stability of the cosmic order, while the corrupt one of Jigoku strive to unseat the rightful judge of the dead.

    Take your players into the underworld of the dead with Wheel of Judgement. This adventure finds newly decreased samurai contending with the bureaucracy of the underworld and the vile machinations of oni. To escape the underworld, these souls must first go deeper - into the torturous hell of Jigoku.
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