Kundo Wakes Up [Hossain, Saad Z]

Kundo Wakes Up [Hossain, Saad Z]

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    A companion to the Ignyte and Locus Award-nominated novella The Gurhka and the Lord of Tuesday that Publisher's Weekly called "a whirlwind story that cleverly blends genres and finds humor and pathos in human failure."


    Hundreds of miles away from the techno-utopia of Kathmandu, the all-powerful, all-seeing AI known as Karma has gone silent, leaving the dying city of Chittagong--along with all its remaining residents--to continue its inexorable crumble into the sea.


    Kundo, once a famous artist with the Karma points to prove it, misses his wife, who left him one year and two hundred thirty-six days ago--and then disappeared. When Kundo uncovers more inexplicable disappearances, he embarks on a journey that will take him through an overwhelming maze made up of Chittagong's neighborhoods, the hidden backrooms of video game parlors, the depths of cyberspace, and into the realm of the djinn themselves.
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