SteamCraft Shadows Over Newport

  • Description

    While vacationers revel in the debauchery of the Bourbon Quarter, danger lurks in the shadows.

    They say it can only get better for me here.  Newport is a bustling city that, through planning, has managed to keep the smoke stacks on the edge of the city.  The city has a well-developed trolley system that allows fast, pollution-free travel throughout the city.  Unemployment is at an all-time low.  It is a town where it seems like everyone is partying in the streets for some festival or another.  It is a city that revels is the display of magic for entertainment.  However, this is all a public show.  Kept from the headlines are tent cities filled with the poor, walkers leaving their graves, and the increased unexplained deaths and disappearances.  Life in a house here is more dangerous that life on the streets in New Arcadia. 


    Shadows Over Newport is a Neo-Victorian Gothic Horror supplement for SteamCraft, although it is written generically so as to be useable as a supplement for any game system.  This book contains everything needed to run a steampunk horror adventure. 

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