Indie RPG! Mausritter: The Strangeness in Tideproof


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    You've arrived at the small town of Tideproof, and after a night at the Lucky Beetle Inn, you've learned of high strangeness in this neck of the woods. Fishermice have been disappearing right off the shore, glowing figures have been spotted out by the Jetty, and a gigantic eye seems to be following the ferryboat. With the common folk hungry and afraid, brave mice will be needed to pursue the truth and bring peace back to Tideproof. 

    Mausritter is a lightweight, easy to learn indie RPG, where you play as adventurous mice out to help communities and to find your fortunes. The Strangeness in Tideproof is a one-shot adventure for mice of all experience levels to attend! Characters will be made at the table and dice will be provided for borrow, so all you need to bring is your wits and a sense of wonder!



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