Nolzur Mini: W4 Adventurer's Campsite [WZK73220]

Nolzur Mini: W4 Adventurer's Campsite [WZK73220]

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  • Description

    Wave 4

    These highly detailed miniatures are pre-primed with Acrylicos Vallejo primer.

    -  Little to no assembly required
    -  Primed and ready to paint
    -  Some miniatures include translucent parts

    1 Ezmerelda's Wagon
    1 Camp Fire
    2 Treasure Chests
    1 Keg
    1 Piles of Sacks
    2 Horses with Saddles
    2 Bedrolls
    2 Weapon Racks
    2 Adventurer's Packs
    1 Spellbook
    1 Scrolls
    1 Bags of Holding
    1 Cooking Pot

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