Weird Shadows over Innsmouth [Lovecraft, H. P.]

Weird Shadows over Innsmouth [Lovecraft, H. P.]

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    For decades, H. P. Lovecraft's masterpiece of terror has inspired writers with its gripping account of a village whose inhabitants have surrendered to an ancient and hideous evil. In this companion to the acclaimed anthology Shadows Over Innsmouth, World Fantasy Award winning editor Stephen Jones has assembled eleven of today's most prominent and well-respected horror authors - the finest of the Lovecraftian acolytes.. Included is Lovecraft's own unpublished draft of The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

    "Introduction: Weird Shadows..." by Stephen Jones

    "Discarded Draft of 'The Shadows Over Innsmouth'" by H. P. Lovecraft

    "The Quest for Y'ha-nthlei" by John Glasby

    "Brackish Waters" by Richard A. Lupoff

    "Voices in the Water" by Basil Copper

    "Another Fish Story" by Kim Newman

    "Take Me to the River" by Paul McAuley

    "The Coming" by Hugh B. Cave

    "Eggs" by Steve Rasnic Tem

    "From Cabinet 34, Drawer 6" by Caitl ƒ ­n R. Kiernan

    "Raised by the Moon" by Ramsey Campbell

    "Fair Exchange" by Michael Marshall Smith

    "The Taint" by Brian Lumley


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