Like a Trip Through the Mirror; Lesbian Love in Alternate Realities [Tudor, Kathleen]

Like a Trip Through the Mirror; Lesbian Love in Alternate Realities [Tudor, Kathleen]

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    Five lesbian erotic love stories of magic and mystery. What will you find on the other side of the mirror? Love? Passion? A world upside down? Step up to the mirror, look deep into your own eyes (or those of your secret, mirror-world lover) and prepare to have your worldview completely shifted. The grass really is greener on the other side-and the sex is hotter, too. For as long as humans have known to look for their own reflections, they have pondered the magical question: What would you find if you step past your own reflection and into the mirror world? In these five stories, the answer is passion and fire. Five women step up to the mirror and come out the other side in the midst of their hottest erotic fantasies, whether that involves reviving the dying embers of a love affair, seducing a beloved old friend... or perhaps just finding out for sure what some women have long suspected: that sex really is better with yourself for a partner! These heroines take risks, brave it all, and step into the unknown, between dimensions, between worlds, to lay claim to the love and heat that they both deserve and crave. Includes: The Universe Where Katie Lived by Annabeth Leong So Quite New a Thing by R. Ann Sawyer Reflections by Kate Dominic Into Tipera by Kathleen Tudor Game Fae by Vivien Jackson


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