Gabble; And Other Stories [Asher, Neal]

Gabble; And Other Stories [Asher, Neal]

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    The Polity universe is home to some of the vilest alien creatures ever to exist. On the planet Myral, sheqs and octupals inhabit the land, waiting for unsuspecting prey to cross their paths. The surface of Masasa is littered with dracomen, tricones, mud snakes, and heroyne. The Gabble features ten stories that throw its characters into worlds that are fascinatingly alien, and often hostile.

    In the Polity, danger and death are seemingly looming around every corner. Infection, mutation, and infestation are constant threats as we follow our heroes, like Anders and Tholan in "Softly Spoke the Gabbleduck," as they try to carry out their missions with their lives intact.

    You'll never know what to expect throughout The Gabble. Asher's use of nonsensical dialogue for certain unearthly creatures creates bizarre tension and frightening uncertainty. At any moment, peace and calm can be shattered by horror and suspense.

    In peak form, The Gabble showcases the best of his talents in this collection of novellas and short stories never before published in the United States that expands on the Polity universe that Asher fans have come to know and love.

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