Gremlins Go Home [Bova, Ben; Dickson, Gordon]

Gremlins Go Home [Bova, Ben; Dickson, Gordon]

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    Elves. Leprechauns. Gremlins. Call them what you like.

    These little dudes may be the stuff of legend, but they're just as real as you and me. Far from the mythical, magical creatures of rumor, they are actually tiny aliens, marooned for centuries on this miserable mudball known as Earth. And they want just one thing: ‚  OFF!

    Now, human technology may finally make a reality of their dreams to leave this pathetic planet behind. NASA has a new rocket and it's Mars-bound. All the gremlins need do is hijack it and set a course for their homeworld of Gremla.

    The only thing lacking is a hapless human accomplice . . .

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