Ghostbusters: Race Against Time

Ghostbusters: Race Against Time

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    Race through the ghost-filled streets of New York City with this interactive board book featuring a wind-up miniature Ectomobile!

    Experience memorable moments from  Ghostbusters  with this interactive board book and toy Ectomobile. With over ten feet of track built into the book, Ghostbusters can investigate spooks, specters, and ghosts roaming the slime-covered New York City streets.  

    From the New York Public Library to the Firehouse headquarters  and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man‚ “damaged Columbus Circle, follow along as the Ectomobile visits all the haunted spots from the beloved movie series. Filled with fun illustrations and including a collectible Ectomobile,  Ghostbusters: Race Against Slime  will thrill Ghostbusters fans of all ages.

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