Free RPG Day! 5e: The Sunken Temple of Set


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    Not for awhile, Crocodile..

    In a concerted effort to spread discord and evil among the mortal races, the god Set sired many bastard offspring via its dalliances among them. The result was a jumble of divine and mortal traits, but all of his children were hideous snake, reptilian, and humanoid crossbreeds. Each was a unique, twisted fiend, as Set steeped his creations in chaotic sorcery. These he called his sons, and they were spread far and wide to disseminate their vile plots...

    Join guest DM Nick as he takes you through The Sunken Temple of Set written by Chris Doyle! Travel through a forgotten temple and learn the secrets of the god Set.

    ..but beware, danger lurks in every corner...

    Six pre-constructed characters will be provided to choose from so you can get right into the action! All who sign-up will also receive a copy of this module to take home!


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