Fiasco Expansion Pack: Fiasco, USA

Fiasco Expansion Pack: Fiasco, USA

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    An all-American pair of Playsets designed to evoke the essence of this great nation—whether you are desperately trying to feed the 24-hour news cycle or fighting your homeowner’s association tooth and nail over the color of your aluminum siding…

    By Ken Coble, Tom Gurganus, and Chris Norwood
    News Channel Six is in last place in the local ratings, and things are looking grim. Will you find a breaking story, or is it time to make a little news yourself?


    By Jason Morningstar
    Poppleton Terrace was such a nice neighborhood with good property values, but that’s all changing now. What exactly is going on with the weird lights in that house across the street?

    Requires Fiasco (box set) to play.

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