Fiasco Expansion Pack: Feel the Rush

Fiasco Expansion Pack: Feel the Rush

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    A dirtbag's a dirtbag, whether she is selling pills out of a restaurant kitchen or doing crimes to afford a set of GSC Stage 2 cams for her 2006 Subaru street racer. What happens when desperation meets opportunity? When we have to Go Real Fast but lack the skill and focus to keep all the wheels on the road—or the dishes on the tray—who is going to pay the price? Probably not the dirtbag responsible…

    By Steve Segedy
    Whether you’re a waiter, a line cook, or an aspiring manager, it’s a greasy hustle that never earns enough money, and even less respect. But even if the stakes are low, the ambitions—and the staff—are often stupidly high.

    By Jason Morningstar
    We race for the same reason we breathe—it is life. What we do isn't legal but we answer to the god of the stoplight and the nitrous injection. We race. We go fast. We do crimes. We are family.

    Requires Fiasco (box set) to play.
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