Ending Eleven (Eleven Trilogy, 3) [Chisholm, Jerri]

Ending Eleven (Eleven Trilogy, 3) [Chisholm, Jerri]

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    This is where it ends. Victory at all costs in this thrilling conclusion to the Eleven Trilogy by Jerri Chisholm.

    Compound Eleven is descending into chaos. The boy I love hovers between life and death. Everyone I care about thinks I'm dead. And here I am, living aboveground in a place I call paradise.

    The sky is blue, the birds are chirping. Yet in the dark corridors underground, a rebellion is forming, a rebellion that has a chance of ending Eleven for good. A rebellion that needs my help.

    Too bad I'm worlds away.

    Or maybe I'm not. Maybe evil persists aboveground, just as it does under. Maybe there's more I can do to help the rebellion than I ever imagined.

    I just need to decide how far I'm willing to go. And how much I'm willing to lose along the way.

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