Devil's Run RPG Core Rules

Devil's Run RPG Core Rules

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    When the gangs tear up the freeway...

    Choose a side. Fight. Survive.

    The Devil’s Run Roleplaying Game puts you in the driving seat of a post-apocalyptic future in which gang warfare dominates. The rules of the road are none. All you need ask yourself is what would you kill for? What would you die for? How far are you willing to fall to survive?

    High-octane action fuelled by rules for two turbo-driven systems. This core book contains the full system for the 2d20 ruleset, plus mechanics to risk the Devil’s Run using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition system.

    A brief history detailing the collapse of civilisation as we know it, stretching from before the launch that started it all, to the current state of the world twenty years later.

    A detailed description of the former West Coast, including descriptions for several of the larger factions that battle to dominate its war-torn highways.

    Tips and tools designed to help GMs create interesting runs, plus a chapter dedicated to the various allies and enemies that might help or hinder a run. The rules of the road offer some structure to the post-apocalypse.

    An overview of the world at large and the few remaining superpowers that strive for dominance over rapidly dwindling resources.
    A complete toolkit of vehicles, weapons, and gear designed to get the characters ahead of the pack in the post-apocalyptic future of The Devil’s Run.

    A post-apocalyptic world that thrives on high-octane action.

    Complemented by a miniatures board game and a number of freely downloadable PDFs.

    Crossover compatibility between the RPG and board game.
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