Death Goddess Dance ( Mythos War, 3 ) [Black, Levi]

Death Goddess Dance ( Mythos War, 3 ) [Black, Levi]

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    In ‚  Red Right Hand, Charlie Tristan Moore became the unwilling acolyte of The Man In Black, a treacherous elder god also known as Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos.

    In ‚  Black Goat Blues, ‚  Charlie fought her way past bloodthirsty gods and demons to rescue her lover's stolen soul, only to put all of Creation at risk.

    Now she must stop the Man In Black from achieving his ultimate goal: freeing his dread father, Azathoth, from endless confinement to feast upon humanity for all eternity. But before she can confront her inhuman mentor for the final time, Charlie must make her way to the heart of a hellish, otherworldly prison--and call upon the darkest powers at her command.

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