Dark Deeds in Freeport

Dark Deeds in Freeport

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    In a City of Secrets, the Truth Cuts Deep

    Why has truth suddenly become so strangely frequent in Freeport? Can the city support not one but two churches dedicated to truth-speaking?

    How are the secrets of thieves, assassins, Captains' Council members, and legitimate businessmen becoming common knowledge, and what can be done about it? Should anything be done? And maybe, just maybe, is this strangeness linked to the rash of thefts, murders, and insanity plaguing the city?

    Dark Deeds in Freeport  is an 80-page adventure arc of five connected scenarios designed for four Pathfinder RPG characters beginning at 9th level and ending at 12th. These linked adventures feature:

    • swashbuckling, sin, investigation, and insanity  familiar to fans of Green Ronin's popular  Freeport, City of Adventure  setting
    • new spells, new magic items  (from minor to near-artifact level),  new monsters, and  new fully-statted Freeport NPCs

    Dark Deeds  is fully-integrated into the history and ongoing storylines of the Freeport setting, and it can be used individually or in a level-spanning mini-campaign.

    Something is horribly wrong in Freeport. Something that will surely require dark deeds to set right!

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