Conventions of War: Dread Empire's Fall (paperback) [Williams, Walter Jon]

Conventions of War: Dread Empire's Fall (paperback) [Williams, Walter Jon]

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    Now in trade paperback, the climactic final episode of the Dread Empire's Fall trilogy--what started with ‚  The Praxis ‚  and ‚  The Sundering ‚  comes to the brilliant conclusion in Walter Jon William's epic space adventure.

    Working on opposite sides of the galaxy--one in deep space, the other undercover on an occupied planet--and haunted by personal ghosts, Captain Gareth Martinez and Lieutenant Lady Caroline Sula fight to save the Empire from the vicious, alien Naxid. In a desperate, audacious bid to stop the Naxid fleet, Martinez makes a move that could win the war...and lose his career. Meanwhile, Sula's guerilla tactics may not be enough to stop the Naxid, until she tries one deadly, final gambit.

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