Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage

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    IN A WORLD...
    ...where your everyday life is part of an epic, cinematic experience, things can get a little tense. Mountains crumble... aliens invade...the Statue of Liberty explodes...and you're there to see it all. So why do you spend every day feeling like an extra?

    While the stars of the silver screen save lives, find romance, and conquer intergalactic enemies, you're stuck running for your life. Can a group of normal schmucks survive in the world of an action blockbuster?

    a fast-paced storytelling tabletop roleplaying game that slams you and your friends in the center of heart-pounding, action-packed movie mayhem. Pop some popcorn, pour a soda, and settle in to your own cinematic experience.

    Just remember:


    Collateral Damage uses random dice charts at the beginning of each game to determine outcomes for the games setting, genre, player characters, their role play abilities and objectives.
    - The game uses its own unique dice mechanics (3d6/1d10).
    - Game play is done as one-shot gaming sessions running between 2-4 hrs (this includes character creation/world building and game play).
    - CDMG is designed for one Story Master and 2-6 Players.
    - CDMG's main mechanic is shared story-telling (improv) with threatening situations resolved by d6 rolls.
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