Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress: V Clan Collection Volume 1 Booster

Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress: V Clan Collection Volume 1 Booster

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    Boost your ‘V Premium decks with our 2 brand new exciting products!

    Get your hands on the returning popular units and new Grade 3s!Heal triggers with new abilities will be featured! New to the format? Missing important cards previously released? We got you covered! Units with popular abilities will be reissued! No clans are left out! Come along and experience the brand new scene of "V Premium"!VGE-D-VS01 [V Clan Collection Vol.1]All 24 clans are powered up together with the same-day release "V Clan Collection Vol.2"!?The cards featured in this release can be used for the "Premium" format as well.? The cards featured in this release cannot be used for the "Standard" format. Reissues include powerful support with Popular Abilities! Units from all 24 clans with the following ability to be reissued together with "V Clan Collection Vol.2"!"When placed from hand, look at five cards from the top of your deck, reveal up to one grade 3 from among them and put it into your hand, shuffle your deck, and if you put a card into your hand, discard a card from your hand."1 SP included in every display/box (12 Packs)!Box Topper Bonus!1 out of 3 exclusive "V Clan Collection Vol.1" Gift Markers will be randomly included! Featured Clans: Royal Paladin, Oracle Think Tank, Genesis, Kagero, Murakumo, Narukami, Dimension Police, Spike Brothers, Pale Moon, Bermuda Triangle, Aqua Force, Megacolony

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