Advanced Races Compendium

Advanced Races Compendium

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    Monstrous Heroes for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

    Just your standard adventuring party: human fighter, halfling rogue, elf wizard, and...wait, is that paladin a  ghoul?

    Yes, unlikely heroes can emerge from strange and forbidden places: dragons' dens, murky swamps, magical forges, and the realms of Shadow!

    The  Advanced Races Compendium  gives you everything you need to play a monstrous adventurer in the  Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Its 336 pages are packed with player character racial feats, traits, spells, bloodlines, gear, magic items, archetypes, and more for:


    • Gearforged
    • Gnoll
    • Lizardfolk
    • Kobold
    • Shadow Fey
    • Tiefling
    • Aasimar
    • Centaur
    • Darakhul
    • Derro
    • Dhampir
    • Dragonkin
    • Drow
    • Lamia
    • Minotaur  
    • Ravenfolk
    • Sahuagin
    • Tosculi
    • Trollkin
    • Werelion
    • And 4 more!


    Get  Advanced Races Compendium  today and play a minotaur corsair smashing through foes, a sly kobold darting nimbly around and wreaking havoc, a gearforged warrior powered by steam and magic, and much more!

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