Widowmaker [Kahle, Pete]

Widowmaker [Kahle, Pete]

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    widowmaker [wid-oh-may-ker]
    1. A thing with the potential to kill men.
    2. A dead branch caught precariously high in a tree which may fall on a person below.
    3. A dark fiction anthology of prodigious size; large enough to use as a doorstop... or crush a man's skull.


    A few months ago one of our own, James Newman, was severely injured in a freak accident. He's known universally in the horror fiction community as a truly great guy, and, when the news broke of the incident there was no shortage of people who wanted to help. Inside the pages of this collection, you will find tales that are lighthearted mixed in with stories that will fuel your nightmares, each one with the potential to be a WIDOWMAKER.

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