The Supernaturals (Supernaturals, 1) [Golemon, David L]

The Supernaturals (Supernaturals, 1) [Golemon, David L]

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    THE SUPERNATURALS: A ghost-hunting team made up of scientists and paranormal experts.

    ITS MISSION: to investigate hauntings--and destroy the evil presence behind closed doors. . .


    Tucked away in the pristine Pocono Mountains, Summer Place is a retreat for the rich, famous, and powerful. Years ago, Professor Gabriel Kennedy tried to prove that behind its elegant, stately exterior lurked a mortal danger--one just waiting to devour the unwary...But his investigation ended in tragedy. His reputation was destroyed. And he is still haunted by the ghosts of his own failure to this day.


    Kelly Delaphoy is the producer of a top-rated ghost-hunting television series. She's heard all the old rumors about Summer Place and now, as Halloween draws near, she is determined to do a live broadcast there on Halloween night. To ensure success, Kelly will need help from both The Supernaturals and the one man who came face-to-face with the evil that dwells within. Kennedy wants nothing to do with Kelly's program. But Summer Place has other plans in store...

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