Bestiary 2

13th Age Bestiary 2

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    The sequel to the award-winning  13th Age Bestiary, the  Bestiary 2features fallen icons, apocalyptic fire giants, and a purple dragon who throws the best parties! More than 250 individual variations appear in 51 entries, along with with story hooks, icon relationships, customizable campaign variants, and advice on creating exciting battles. New monsters for your campaign include:  
    The Gold King and the Forest that Walks, fallen icons who must be defeated by a blend of swords, spells, and campaign victories.  
    A wizard bonded to their spellbook, a rogue bonded to their magic cloak, and other former heroes who took shortcuts to power by merging with their magic items.  
    The Lich King's covert undead propaganda force: the Cult of the Silver Hand.  
    Fomorians, monstrous worshipers and children of the ancient chaos gods.  
    Malatyne, the purple dragon whose entertainments are legendary and the player characters might be the main attraction...  
    Lions (temple); tigers (elemental and rakshasa); and owlbears (snowy and great horned). And many more...

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