Selling Used Books

Pandemonium Used Books Buying Policy and FAQs


What do we pay?

$1-4 depending on the original price. If your paperback (usually Mass Market size) was $10 or less, we will pay $1, $11-20 gets $2, $21-30 gets $3...etc.

How will I be paid?

Pay is in store credit or check; there is no difference in payout between the two.

When can I drop off my books?

(Generally, it's one hour after open until one hour before close, and no Sundays.)

Mon & Wed-Sat: 2-8

Tue: 1-9

No drop-off Sunday

How many books can I sell?

Books must fit in a 15x10x12 bankers box. If you have more books than this please email directly to make an appointment with the books manager and further discuss.

What kind of books do we buy?

  • We do not currently buy used Hardcovers.
  • Like all of our products, they must fall under some category of Sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, paranormal, magical, strange, cyberpunk, etc.
  • We accept full series as long as they are the same format (all Mass Market or all Trade Paperback). We will accept the first book of a series on its own, but do not accept incomplete series (i.e. book 2 by itself or a collection missing book 3 and 5 out of 7).

Pandemonium Books & Games reserves the right not to accept used books received from customers. In the event we decide we cannot buy some or all of the titles submitted, we at Pandemonium Books & Games will do our best to accommodate your wishes regarding your used books. We request that you select one of these options:

  • Trash, give away, donate or discard or sell by any method at Pandemonium's convenience, I just want them to be out of my hands.
  • Donate, but please do not trash!!
  • I will pick them up no later than 3 days from the day I am notified they are not being purchased. (If books are not picked up they will default to option #1.)

Can I stop by with my collection and sell it or do I need to drop-off my books?

We will provide you a bankers box to deposit your books in along with a drop-off form. If our book manager is present, she will generally accommodate a small collection on demand. If you would like to guarantee this, please email Kat for an appointment at

What if I have a premium used book that fits Pandemonium's collection?

Please email Kat for special collections at We will most likely direct you to a place better set up to buy rare books.