A few words from your Book Club host, Katrina:

Welcome to Book Moot, Pandemonium Books & Games’s Book Club!

In our newest events space, Pandemonium will hold a Book Moot each month. The club will meet every 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of the month depending on holidays and reading time. We aim to allow readers 4 weeks to read the book before each meeting. Each month, an email will be sent to announce when the book of the month is available for pick up in store. Most of the time, participants will be able to take home previous month's meeting, but you may also purchase and pick it before that as long as it has already been released.

My goal is to offer a well rounded group of titles ranging from Middle grade to Young Adult to Adult. Reader input is valued here! Every few months, Moot members will vote on a shortlist for the group to read next. Based on feedback, so far, there will be less horror—though many stories include some nasty bits too, which makes the triumph of the characters all the more satisfying. I want to be sure to represent a variety of authors as well as a diverse array of characters. I will throw in as many new releases as I can guarantee have been given quality reviews—along with my own seal of approval. But I’ll also include some classics, or at least put them to a vote. Most importantly, it will be a well told story regardless of author, character, genre, and audience age group.

You’ll have the event space for 2 hours, the first of which I will offer some guided discussion with questions to ponder. I don’t want to feel too much like a classroom, but hope to give a little direction. After that, I am happy to stay and continue or let you continue on your own, mingle, etc. The events page lists 6:30-8:30. The store closes at 9. You may stay and shop or talk shop as late as 9 if you wish.

As a reminder, the price will vary depending on the book not exceeding $28.99. The book purchase is your ticket! Enjoy and see you at Book Moot!

KAT Pavlovich   Books Manager
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