We're Open for Browsing
We're open 2pm-7pm, Monday-Saturday for pickup and browsing in-store. We also do mail order. We're taking all necessary precautions—please bring a mask, keep a safe distance from others, and be ready to use our sanitizer.

skeletal adventurer in a cube of slime
You voted for a design on social media—and lo, this cute skeleton trapped in slime won handily. Get shirts & stuff at the link below.

try our dino-themed

Intro Miniature Painting Kit
For kids & the young at heart. $35 gets you:

9 acrylic colors, 1 'strong tone' wash, 1 paint brush, 2 pre-primed raptor miniatures, & 1 large pre-primed triceratops miniature.

Heavy! Glow-in-the-dark!

New Lab Dice
Sets include a special d6 with pips instead of numerals & the lab dice flask logo as the six.

Expected arrival: 2nd week of August. Email Karyn with questions (marketing@pandemoniumbooks.com)

Magic: The Gathering

We're Buying Cards!
Email buyer@pandemoniumbooks.com to set up an appointment. We'll hold your cards for a few days in order to go through them safely, at which point we can give a quote.

About Us

Welcome to our new website!

Pandemonium Books and Games has resided in Boston for over 30 years. Our community is for anyone interested in enriching their life through play, literature, and imaginative storytelling. We have the largest event space of its kind in the Boston area, where we strive to create a comfortable and welcoming place for folks of all ages and identities.

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