Schoolgirl RPG Complete Edition

Schoolgirl RPG Complete Edition

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    School is in session!

    You’re a perfectly ordinary schoolgirl at Sakuraba High. Well, ordinary apart from being a cyborg. And a catgirl. And insisting on carrying your Pyonkichi-san plush with you everywhere. Your best friend is normal too though. Apart from being a demon with an overactive imagination of course. You were having a pretty typical day at school. You know, a ninja attack during homeroom, then you found a secret treasure, then Freddie Mercury stopped by the school. Normal stuff.

    Schoolgirl RPG is a random comedy RPG about Japanese schoolgirls, based on the rules of Maid: The Role-Playing Game. To play you’ll need some paper, six-sided dice, and friends.

    This Complete Edition has the core rules and all three Schoolgirl RPG supplements between two covers. There are bonus character options for schoolgirls, additional random event tables, a random objects, random items, rules for rolling up teacher characters, and even the Otoko no Michi rules for playing schoolBOYS (albeit mostly delinquents). Hours of random weirdness await you for a modest price!

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