Dinosaur Tea Party

Dinosaur Tea Party

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    It's the most sought-after invitation of the year: Dinoton Abbey for high tea. Now you're all gussied up in your bespoke finery and sporting the hottest fascinator straight from Savile Row. There's just one problem: You can't remember anyone's name. Who's that, sporting the fancy brooch and toting along her pet chicken? Is that Jeannine? Beatriz? Oh dear. If you're not careful, you'll commit a faux pas that will quickly find its way into the gossip pages of the Raptor's Home Quarterly.

    Dinosaur Tea Party is a thorough reimagining of Whosit?, the 1967 identity-guessing game. Each player is a dinosaur with a hidden identity. Players take turns asking each other questions to figure them out. ‚ œPardon me for asking, but are you wearing a hat?‚ � ‚ œWhat lovely camouflage you're sporting. Are those spots?‚ � When a player thinks they've figured everybody out, they announce their guesses. The other players indicate whether they're correct by dropping their sugar cubes into the dino teapot, which cleverly reveals if any of the guesses are wrong but not which ones. The first player to deduce everyone's name wins the game and is sure to be invited back for Sunday supper.

    2-5 players
    Ages 7+
    15-30 minute play time

    20 dinosaur tiles
    20 dinosaur cards
    Dino teapot voting device
    5 ‚ œsugar cubes‚ �
    3 personality cards
    100 question tokens
    20-sided die

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