D&D 5E: SPCM: Have You Found It Act 2

D&D 5E: SPCM: Have You Found It Act 2

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    It began with murder most foul. Two families of prestige, power, and influence. A shadowy group of zealots and an addled troupe of entertainers. At the center of it all, a masked figure intent on bringing a forbidden play, The King in Yellow, to the city of Tiarazan. As the play’s influence spreads, waves of madness and violence wash over the populace, leaving streets slick with blood. The clock is ticking, and time runs short before dark and ancient powers answer the play’s eldritch summons.

    This adventure path for 4 to 5 characters starts at 5th level and ends at 8th. The adventures stand on their own or can be played as part of an epic, four-part Mythos-based campaign titled Have You Found It?

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