Renfield's Journal [DeVain, George]

Renfield's Journal [DeVain, George]

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    Those who are familiar with Dracula know it to be comprised of the diaries and correspondence of several different people. The story unfolds through their eyes, from their points-of-view. One person's entries, however, are missing. That person is the madman of Purfleet Asylum who could see and hear the world through The Master. His abilities were dismissed until it was too late. Why was he made to suffer the further indignity of having his words suppressed? With this volume I will right that omission. These are the diaries of R. M. Renfield. Alone in 1890s London, a place still reeling from the Ripper murders, Renfield is contacted from afar--contacted through his thoughts by ¢ € œThe Master. ¢ € � And through Him, Renfield can see the world as The Master flies above it; travel inside a wolf or a cat; and even see the future. These gifts, however, come with a price: blood. Renfield is the only one who comprehends the danger about to descend. Can he warn others without being labeled insane?

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